Photo bY Oksana Kliuchenko
 Hi! My name is Olga Kovalevska and I am a music journalist, photographer and promoter from Ukraine, founder of the music agency Urban Lys.
Photography is a very important part of my journalistic and promoting work. As a reporter and a music manager I have often been capturing concerts and portraits of musicians I wrote about.  My photos were published in such media in Ukraine as "The Claquers", "Counterpoint", "Old Fashioned Radio" and others. In my music agency Urban Lys I also worked with many amazing photographers, whom I admired and learned from. They encouraged me to continue developing my photoskills. This is how photography grew in a special direction of my agency' work Urban Lys Photos (#ulphotos) and in my professional passion. For me photography is a way of portraying music inspiration, the atmosphere of a concert. In this activity I can be free in co-creating with artists. 
But not only music inspires me. I also enjoy urban culture and city photography, strikt geometry of modern buildings and a charming flavor of folk architecture, local specific of different regions and people. I think, there are no borders or measures in discovering and expressing the poetry of living and loving the world. As classic wrote, "All the world’s a stage..." This is what I learn in photography every day. 
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